Search Engine Optimization For Youtube Beginners

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Search Engine Optimization For Youtube Beginners? Chances are that as a Youtube Beginner you have heard about search engine optimization or SEO. You might be wondering what search engines have to do with Youtube and that has a very simple answer, Youtube is a Search Engine and the second most popular in the world after Google.

If you understand the basics on how Search Engines work, it might become easier for you to rank your videos in search, get more views and exposure, and eventually, be able to monetize with Youtube.

Here, I am sharing my theory on how Youtube ranks your videos and how you can use this information to your advantage:

What is Youtube’s Main Objective?

YouTube’s main objective is to keep users on the platform and attract and convert new users. YouTube’s algorithm then looks for the best content to show to its current users and new users through other search engines.

How does Youtube Work?

Youtube manages and distributes video content and the basic process can be explained in three steps:

1. Scanning

YouTube uses crawlers to scan the content, it scans all the text and then translates the speech to text and scans that too.

2. Classifying:

Once it scans everything, it identifies the topics and intend in the video.

3. Distributing:

Then, YouTube chooses the best matches for your video and measures the interactions. It pays attention to 2 things at first and then to a number of other things.

These are two metrics you have to start paying attention to. Download YouTube Studio if you have not yet.

Click-through rate (CTR): It refers to the percentage of clicks to your video in reference to the number of times it was shown to people. Every time the video is shown to a person that is called an impression.

You can see the average click-though rate of your channel and also see every individual video. Don’t compare your CTR with other channels, but compare it to your own videos and aim to get it higher

Audience Retention: This is probably the most important ranking factor because it is directly related to YouTube’s number 1 goal which is to keep people on the platform. If your videos cannot engage an audience then, your video has a lesser chance to rank.

After it measures this I have a theory that it measures your level of emotiveness and that helps but what it probably really looks at is your rate of interaction, likes and comments to your video.

How to appear on Youtube search?

Since the Crawler scans the whole content as text, the more purposeful and congruent with your title, tags and description, the more YouTube will be able to recognize the contents in your video.

Take advantage of the text and use all the words you can to explain your contents to Youtube and Google (because you might be featured in Google search too)

Download this YouTube SEO Checkist to make sure you optimize your text as much as possible before or even after you publish a video.

Next we will be talking about KEYWORDS

Stay tuned!


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