Mini Microphone for Cellphone (Miniso)

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Miniso Mini Microphone for Cellphone |Unboxing Sound Test and Review

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I’m sharing the Miniso Mini Microphone unboxing, review, and sound test from an iPhone X. This is advertised as a karaoke mic and there are many other brands that offer similar price and quality. It is one of the cheapest condenser microphones you can find.

What is Miniso?

Miniso is a Japanese brand and can be found all over the world but not in the US. Miniso Microphone Philippines is another popular spot where people use these microphones. I happen to buy this microphone while I was in Colombia. I thought it was such a great find for a reasonable price. At the time I paid about $8 for the mic.

What Can You Use A Mini Microphone For?

Many can benefit from the added quality sound of a condenser microphone. Especially during 2020 where many now communicate mainly through computers, tablets or cellphones. You can use a Mini Mic for:

  • Communication with digital devices
  • Recording Audio, Podcasting
  • Recording Video Karaoke

Where Can You Find a Mini Condenser Microphone for Your Cellphone?

I am adding the links of comparable mini microphones for cellphone and iPhone available in Amazon.

Urban Outfitters $10


AMAZON $8.99

Condenser Microphone Information

Microphone Features

  • Aluminium alloy made mini microphone, with Hi-fi professional parameters.
  • Standard 3.5mm stereo plug, plug and play, energy-saving design.
  • No battery need, convenient tool to let you enjoy singing.
  • Ideal for cellphones, Karaoke, internet voice chat, language training, recording and so on. Mini Size, Universal, Plug & Play, Hi-fi Sound.

What Comes in the Box?

Contains a small Microphone with a long stereo cable with an earphone jack. Windscreen and a small stand.

Review of the Tiny Mic

I used this microphone to make several videos before. The little shape of it gives you creative ideas to even incorporate it as a prop. It is a cute miniature mic you can take anywhere. I also like that you can connect your earphones to it. Miniso makes this microphone but I believe this is a fairly standard Mini Microphone that you can find in a lot of places and throughout the internet.

How To Use With Iphone?

You need to use your Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter to be able to use this with your iphone.

How To Use With Android?

The mini mic comes with a standard stereo 3.5mm plug.You might need to use an adapter depending on your phone model.

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